Going to foot of Mount Apo

My sister

Experience the beauty of nature, lake Agco is now one of the tourist spot in the Philippines in Mindanao it is said to be the Kidapawan’s hidden Eden where Mount Apo is also located. It is full mystery, adventure and excitement, experience also the hot spring and cold spring of the resort where in you can relax and enjoy the place with nature. walk trough and hike in-in the water falls, steam bath mud pits and also the cool and amazing steaming and boiling water of Mount Apo.

river of the falls

Lake Agco is really awesome. Seeing a small pond of murky but boiling water and felt the hot steam, I was quite scared of going near the lake. It was all natural! I smell sulfur all around; steam and hot water bursting from the ground. Though little bit terrified upon realizing that I was standing at one of the outlet of the volcano, Mount Apo, I still felt excited that time. A small resort was built near Lake Agco. A chilling cold swimming pool is just beside the large “hot bath tub.”

Okay finish with the historical Lake Agco to tell(haha!!).The fun part, It was the birthday of my sister when we went at Lake Agco, so we woke up early in the morning around 4 am the cold water of Davao city awakes me, a treat from his boyfriend using his car for transportation. it was about an hour driving trough Kidapawan from Davao city, movie marathon in the car and food trip is fun to celebrate a simple birthday like I experience the birthday of my sister(sept 21.09).first time isn’t it yeah!! it’s like I’m celebrating and enjoying at the same time because i’m having fun with my sister and his boyfriend(were not that close like stick to one heheh!joke!) the three of us go to kidapawan. after an hour again with the rocky road we reach the top in Lake Agco. I was about to amaze when I saw some durian haging from the tree, different kinds of flower that is not seen in the Cities

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Expirience the love of Nature

Lake Agco's Falls

I was amaze also with the steaming and boiling water of Mount Apo as if you can boil an egg in the water. the water is also very hot. As a photographer you can’t hesitate to took some picture and capture the beauty of nature. Water falls also is a great experience in Lake Agco a muddy and rocky way before reaching it, as I remove my slippers coz it’s slippery and I say it again muddy, at that time my foot was really hurt with the big rocks that we pass before we reach the falls. mud was already at my foot and feet. one time I slip my self because I was already tired at that moment and carrying my bag and because of my heavy stuff the gravity pulls me down but it’s fun and adventurously for me.(enjoy!enjoy!enjoy!…)

Oh yeah! It was my first time to see a hot spring and even having a steam bath(Poor me). Anyway, the feeling was really satisfactory! I’ve relaxed away from the city and blend with mother nature. Even we’re not able to enjoy the whole day and spend it with haft day of travel and haft day of enjoyment but still I’m satisfied with it. And thanks for my sister and his boyfriend for being with them hanging around and bonding with each other..